"Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all"

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Just had my first ever cup of coffee and i am now to punch one million moose in the face. How is this amount of stimulant legal.

I think my eyebrows are vibrating.

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does anybody else clean their phone screen by wiping it on their boob or is that just me

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This one goes out to all the girls whose thighs are so thick you can’t cross your legs.

This is truth. Shoutout to the girls with thighs big enough to be used as warming pillows.

And big ups to the girls whose upper thighs still touch when their knees are apart.

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don’t let tumblr make you think educations not important please go to college

we dont need no education

we dont need no thought control 


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omg apparently artificial banana flavoring is based on the gros michel banana which was wiped out by a banana plague in the 50s and the banana we eat today is a totally different thing called the cavendish and thats why banana candy doesnt taste like bananas do you know how lied to i feel. like there was a fucking banana apocalypse and no one told me about it until now


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